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Our Green policy

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Serious about green commitments

Brandwoods sells a wide range of packaging materials, including flexible films, tape, strapping and corrugated products. We sell a lot of them. So it's a fundamental principle of our business that we work to reduce the environmental effects of these products, and promote the principles of waste management to our customers.

It is Brandwoods policy to:

  • Work within the framework of existing and pending environmental law
  • Strive to continuously improve the company's environmental performance and endeavour to prevent pollution arising from the company's activities
  • Actively encourage suppliers to adopt similar principles to ourselves
  • Encourage the environmental awareness of our customers and provide advice on waste management, including reduction, re-use and recycling where practicable
  • Implement and monitor measures to improve resource management and conservation, including all energy resources
  • Ensure that all company employees are made aware of this environmental policy, and the requirements of the environmental management system, by appropriate training and awareness briefings.